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It's like ASIA and VIDEO GAMES had a baby at 155BPM!

10/5/09 by Sound-O-Vision

I just finished a new song, and I'd like some feedback.

It's progressive, taking you on a musical journey for two and a half minutes.

Some fun vocals and stuff by me, a few loops from GarageBand and the mix in Pro Tools.

I'm thinking it sounds a lot like video game music,

or some sweet animation soundtrack.

What thinks you? /277599


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Dear Mr. Boyz1
We regret to inform you that your son has passed away from severe non-existance.
I am truley sory for your lots.
%u05DF%u05DFo%u0279%u0287 %u0183u%u0131%u029E%u0254n%u025F no%u028E

Anyhow, great song man, but not as advertised. (Still VERY good.)



It looks like herdyboz1 really is quite protective. O.O

Yeah the song's all right. Thought you were talking about a game you made at first. But no, it's not "like ASIA and VIDEO GAMES had a baby at 155BPM" at all. It's goos though, but it wasn't very entertaining so my vote didn't stretch past "Butterscotch, yo" (I voted 3).

Nice song dude!
Keep it up xD
Love the beat in it