Jol Thx House Song
Frog's Theme ft Dat Boi (o shit waddup) Hip Hop - Modern Song

2014 Submissions

BachBad (100 BPM) Chipstep Loop

2013 Submissions

2012 Submissions

Piano Chip Loop Video Game Loop
Cheetahmen In Black Video Game Loop
Krilly bits Dubstep Loop
RataTRAP ft ProducerSnafu Techno Loop
Airman Redux Drum N Bass Loop
Sunday Evening (Chiptune) Jazz Loop
Butterfly_Skrilldawg Plays DDR Dubstep Song
Something About Us [8-BIT Mix] Video Game Song
Feeling Oud Dance Song
Nintendo House Party Dance Song
Saturday Night Arcade Dance Song
NinjaMode Stage 1 ft. Ted Devi Hip Hop - Modern Song
SkypeStep Dubstep Song
Dj CUTMAN - Sonic in Moscow Video Game Song
I Remixed Every Zelda 2 Song Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Mute City Remix ft. DJ Grumble Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Bloody Hedgehog (deathegg) Video Game Song
Stay Concious (Requiem) Hip Hop - Modern Song
The Dark ROCKS! Video Game Song
Blood Code (MK) Hip Hop - Modern Song
Dminor Thing Hip Hop - Modern Song
south america World Song
Cornball Video Game Loop
Dj CUTMAN-Dual Wield Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Dj CUTMAN - Electric Sheep Video Game Song
Raining Blood (Chiptune) Video Game Song
Forget About Dre (Chiptune) Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
Bit Generation #6 Video Game Song
The New New Hip Hop - Modern Song
Bit Gen Session 8 Video Game Song
Bit Gen Session 10 Video Game Song
Bit Gen Sessions 4 Video Game Song
Bit Gen Session 7 Video Game Song
Dr. Wily on MARS Video Game Song

2009 Submissions

Run to Japan Video Game Song
Shanty Dance Song
Canned Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Half crunch-Rendered Ambient Loop
Starting Today Ambient Song
Trigger Happy Techno Song