DAYS OF OUR LAMPS 2 - It's Happening

2008-12-02 01:57:33 by Sound-O-Vision

I've been busting my cock off lately, and it's going to be worth it once I can take it off ice. DAYS OF OUR LAMPS 2, now after three long [cock joke] years...We're still working on it! however...

I've been posting Craigslist ads like crazy and have a five Intern interviews this week. So we're going to have a sizably bigger team by next week, and I'm excited. We currently have FIVE animations in the works (and a sixth in writing), so the help is much needed. FREE LABOR YAY!

Also I've eaten a ton of hummus today. It gives me gas but I like it.

DAYS OF OUR LAMPS 2 - It's Happening


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2008-12-02 02:25:52

Holy crap your actually making a sequel?! I just hope you can beat the hilarity of the first one. Hope you make more stuff like you used to


2008-12-02 11:58:00

Haha awesome... THIS WILL BE EPIC.