It's like ASIA and VIDEO GAMES had a baby at 155BPM!

2009-10-05 08:23:53 by Sound-O-Vision

I just finished a new song, and I'd like some feedback.

It's progressive, taking you on a musical journey for two and a half minutes.

Some fun vocals and stuff by me, a few loops from GarageBand and the mix in Pro Tools.

I'm thinking it sounds a lot like video game music,

or some sweet animation soundtrack.

What thinks you? /277599


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2009-10-05 14:48:36

Nice song dude!
Keep it up xD
Love the beat in it


2009-10-06 04:15:22

It looks like herdyboz1 really is quite protective. O.O

Yeah the song's all right. Thought you were talking about a game you made at first. But no, it's not "like ASIA and VIDEO GAMES had a baby at 155BPM" at all. It's goos though, but it wasn't very entertaining so my vote didn't stretch past "Butterscotch, yo" (I voted 3).


2009-10-06 07:34:59

Dear Mr. Boyz1
We regret to inform you that your son has passed away from severe non-existance.
I am truley sory for your lots.
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Anyhow, great song man, but not as advertised. (Still VERY good.)